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New Mexico & El Paso TX's Premier Water Treatment Corporation

Western Environmental Management Corp. LTD (W.E.M) is a premier water treatment corporation. We provide top tier water treatment products and services to industrial clients who have need for water management, treatment and conservation. We're New Mexico's signature distributor of GE Water & Process Technology (GEW&PT), which lets us maintain the independence of being your local water treatment service contractors through professional grade, state of the art equipment and laboratory services. When your company or organization is need of excellent water treatment chemicals, equipment and analysis, W.E.M is your first, best choice!

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Our mission

W.E.M. is dedicated to providing customers with quality water treatment products and equipment that lead the industry in both value and service. 

 We've built a reputation for supplying and supporting professional grade water management systems and our lab services will ensure any test receives the finest and most in-depth analysis. We offer competitive pricing and we're always happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today!

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W.E.M offers complete water management solutions and analysis for any industrial project. From our cooling and boiling systems to our polymers, treatments and cleaners, we can supply you with industrial strength water management products that will serve you efficiently and effectively. 

If you need expert lab consultations and analysis, our field consulting and water analysis teams can assist you. For unmatched service at competitive prices contact us today!

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Our team

W.E.M hires only the top experts in the field of water management and ensure they have years of training. We use the latest state of the art lab equipment in our studies and analysis. We'll communicate with you every step of the way during a study and ensure you have the information you need to make a wise decision.  

Our products are industry certified and extremely safe and reliable. When you need expert analysis, top quality products and second to none service, W.E.M is the name you can trust! Contact us today!

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Expert water treatment in Carlsbad

W.E.M is your partner in maintaining better water! With our state of the art equipment, and top tier studies and lab analysis we can help you with any water management problem. Our chemical engineers can diagnose the cause of any pollutant and our team of reclamation experts can help you set up a system to deal with it safely and effectively. We have years of experience and our prices are competitive. Contact us today!
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