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Exceptional Industrial Water Treatment in New Mexico & El Paso, TX

Western Environmental Management Corp. LTD offers exceptional industrial water treatment at competitive prices! We can help you clean and maintain any water system from closed loops, cooling tower, boilers, RO systems, filters and softeners to name a few. We offer industrial strength water management solutions and expert analysis. Our cost-effective equipment and services will ensure your water management program sustains for years to come.

Cooling & boiler systems

We offer a vast inventory of cooling and boiler system products to meet the needs of any water management program. From scale and corrosion inhibitors and algaecides to suspended solid dispersants, polymers and antifoams. We also offer specialty applications including: brine system treatments, ion-exchange resin cleaners, and reverse-osmosis antiscalent treatments. Contact us today to learn more!

Water management equipment

Our industry certified equipment can handle any load and ensure your water management program is successful. We have quality pre-treatment and control systems as well as pumps, agitators, resins and all other necessary parts. Our inventory includes: water softeners, reverse osmosis units, demineralizers, chlorinators and pH/ORP controllers, to chemical feed systems, membranes and much more! Contact us today!

Expert analysis

Our team of chemical engineering/chemistry experts can diagnose any water system problem and provide effective solutions. Unlike other companies, we believe offering expert analysis should go hand in hand with industrial water management systems. We can trace any pollutant or compound that may be affecting your water system and clean it. Our analysis is thorough and our rates are competitive. Contact us today!
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