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New Mexico's & El Paso, TX's Water Treatment Specialists

Western Environmental Management Corp. LTD (W.E.M) offers comprehensive water management services. Our chemical engineering/chemistry experts can run a thorough and effective survey and analysis of your water system and offer effective solutions to pollutant or run-off problem. From boiler and cooling towers to frac ponds and waste water treatment plants, we'll ensure your system is protected. Contact us today!

Our services

We offer fully customized services to meet any need. From field consulting and in plant water analysis to technical engineering and field testing for flocculent selection, we offer complete consultations and GE lab analysis. Our laboratory facilities can diagnose any pollutant problem and offer cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions. For the finest analysis, consultations, and expert guidance in water management, contact Western Environmental Management Corp. LTD today!

Experience counts

IIn the water treatment industry, experience counts. That's why all of our team, from our chemical engineers to our sales team, have over 30 years of experience in helping industrial clients maintain excellent water systems. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions and offer up cost-effective solutions. We use the finest equipment and our expert lab analysis can diagnose any possible issues plaguing your system. Contact us today to learn more!

Our commitment to you

What sets Western Environmental Management Corp. LTD (W.E.M) apart from our competitors? Our dedication to providing customers with quality water treatment products, our expert analysis of water treatment problems, and our complete commitment to you.
We want to ensure your water management system is stable and effective. We'll communicate clearly throughout the analysis process and offer effective and affordable solutions to address any water system problem. No matter your water system need, W.E.M is here for you.

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